Waterless Beauty Product Manufacturer in India

Waterless beauty is a beauty trend that focuses on products made without water. Recently, this trend began in South Korea, making its way into the west in 2015. The concept was that by eliminating water, more active ingredients can be included for a more potent, concentrated product.

The main reason water is so prevalent in beauty formulas, frankly, is that it’s an inexpensive filler. Waterless cosmetics are typically more concentrated and more potent. Think of it this way: the higher the concentration, the less product you need, and the longer it lasts.

However, waterless beauty is not new to Indians, those who did not westernise with the wave always used ancient ayurvedic ways to wash and nourish the skin. Different herb/clay powders, oils & butter, and water in their respective unaltered state have always been made up as super-effective known beauty ingredients.

With various industrial revolutions over the past couple of decades, many ingredients especially chemicals & preservatives have made their way to skincare & beauty products with the mere motive to make them cost-effective & non-greasy. The focus in recent years has majorly shifted to fancy packaging, advertisements with claims, and misleading terms like pure, natural, organic, etc. simply to attract the customer.

Water-less beauty is rapidly making a prominent presence in different parts of the world. With water reserves running low and consumers becoming more eco-conscious than ever, using a product that has less water is a big step towards making a positive change for the planet without impacting your day-to-day life.

Hence waterless beauty is the said new era to dawn upon generations who did not witness their parents/grandparents using oil in place of lotions.


What is Waterless Beauty?

Waterless or water-free beauty is simply beauty products without water.

Instead of water-based formulations, waterless beauty products formulated with active ingredients or botanical oils. Waterless beauty products are typically more concentrated than beauty products with water because the active ingredients have not been dissolved by the water.

Water in beauty products can support bacteria growth, and that means when you formulate with water, it necessitates the use of preservatives.

Preservatives prevent bacteria from evolving and can make the shelf time longer.

Beauty products that are formulated without water are also formulated without chemical preservatives, and they are therefore more suitable to term as a real organic and natural product.

Waterless beauty products trends in skincare, hair care, and makeup.

Is Waterless Beauty a New Concept?

Washing the skin with different herb powders, using oil/ghee to moisturise the skin, and using beeswax to set the hair are some of the traditional day-to-day skin beauty & care routines that were practised in different Indian homes for times unknown. The chemicals & preservatives used in today’s formulation of different organic and ayurvedic products were not known in ancient times-with no mention in ayurveda.

The products were used in their own natural state with the least processing.

We are going back to the same concept of retaining the original natural physical & solubility state of the product with zero alteration.

Why is there water in Beauty Products?

One of the first ingredients in the formulation of beauty products is often water. Depending on the product type, an average beauty product can contain anywhere from 60% to 85% water, and hair care, shower gels, and other rinse-off products can contain up to 95% water.

Water is an inexpensive solvent to use in beauty products and is usually the main component of beauty products. Some ingredients are hydrophilic, which means they need or prefer to be suspended in water to ensure effective delivery to the skin. Water helps with creating the texture in beauty products and can be mixed with oils to emulsify to create creamy lotions.

A formulation with water can be a better choice for sensitive skin because water rarely irritates the skin as certain oil can. However the chemicals and preservatives used may not be safe for use.

Why choose Waterless skincare products?

With two-thirds of the world’s population expected to experience freshwater shortages by 2025 and water imbalances around the world contributing to the water crisis it makes sense for us to minimise our water footprint as much as possible. When water is used gratuitously in beauty products it seems like an easy swap to make and save our world's most precious resource for activities that actually need it.

By choosing products from brands like Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals that don’t use water in their authentic traditional formulations you can tailor how much water to combine them with meaning you have more control over consumption than if the water was added to the product at the manufacturing stage. This further adds to less number of bottle usage in a year as a bottle would last much longer than usual.

Benefits of Waterless Beauty

There are two main benefits of waterless beauty. They contain higher amounts of active ingredients, and they utilize fewer resources to produce. Both advantages make them pretty attractive to beauty fanatics and followers of a low-waste lifestyle.

  • Potency
  • Sustainability


Water-based skincare products contain a less concentrated amount of active ingredients. However, this isn’t a bad thing. Active ingredients can be effective at lower percentages. The water is multi-functional. It delivers active ingredients while reducing the concentration to tolerable levels.

Though water makes an excellent delivery system, it has its drawbacks that make waterless skincare more appealing. One factor of skincare effectiveness is molecule size. Water molecules are arguably too big, meaning less of the formula penetrates the skin. Waterless skincare may have the advantage of making the formulation able to travel deeper into the skin.

When you do have a need for more potent and effective skincare products, waterless may be the way to go.


There can’t be a conversation surrounding sustainability in the beauty industry without addressing the topic of environment, water scarcity and conservation. All products have an ecological footprint, and beauty products are no exception. Producing cosmetics requires ample resources to formulate the actual product and to package, ship, and dispose of it.

Though we often hear about the plastic waste associated with the beauty industry, the heavy water usage goes largely unnoticed. Some brands and consumers are starting to speak up.

We often forget that clean usable water is a finite resource. An estimated 1.8 billion people are facing water scarcity by 2025. Some brands are shifting to water-free formulations purely for environmental reasons.

Waterless Beauty Environmental Benefits

Adding water to products can be harmful to the environment. By adding water as a filler to products, the overall effectiveness of the product is reduced. The less effective a product, the more you consume it. The more product you consume, the more packaging is required, along with costlier shipping, which then creates more water pollution.

What to Look for in Waterless Skincare Products

When looking to see if a product contains water, take a look at the ingredients list. You may see the ingredients “water” or “aqua”. You may also see other types of water, such as coconut water, cucumber water, and rose water.

Searching for terms like ‘waterless skincare’ and ‘water-free skincare brands’ may help you. Aadhunik Ayurveda is a pioneer in private label waterless skin care and beauty products.

Look for the products that use a naturally water-free base, such as witch hazel, aloe vera juice, or essential oils. Many water-free products use a combination of plant extracts and oils, so they may have a richer texture.


Best Private label Waterless skin care & Beauty Products Company

Aadhunik Ayurveda with a 100% chemical & preservative-free waterless beauty product line since 2017 is a game changer in altering the dynamics of the skin care industry. The company offers private label waterless skin care and beauty products with wide range of options to pick from like powder face cleansers, powder body cleansers, after shower oils, make-up removing oil, bath oils, derma treatments, retinol solution, hair cleansers, body polishers etc. and much more tailored to your vision and budget.

The need and the desire of the founder to go completely natural in the formulation of the skin care products led to clean-effective and environment-friendly product composition, something which came out to be new to the consumers in terms of texture, consistency, color, and aroma.

Waterless & clean beauty may not be the same completely.

Clean beauty means that the product is safely free from toxic ingredients, all ingredients are labeled, etc. However, the term is not regulated by any law. It is the term that has evolved over the years looking at the need of the market. Clean beauty may contain water and chemicals & preservatives though considered to be safe for humans.

Hence to keep the products clean-chemical and preservative free-it is important to retain their natural property.


And that’s when the Aadhunik Ayurveda started making a conscious effort in understanding the changing shift of the customer towards organic products and the much desire to avoid chemicals in regular use products. Hence the product development in the direction helped many brands sync their products to customer needs and run the brand with huge success.

In the course, Aadhunik Ayurveda found that consumers, a layman, are often lured by fancy attractive green & organic labels and choose their skin care products not by ingredients or solely by benefits but their buy major depends on the product fragrance and preferably a non-greasy texture. Conscious and health-savvy brand founders explained beautifully the pros and cons of waterless vs water based products which in turn differentiated brands from usual market products and therefore are the torchbearers in appreciating and promoting the manufacturer Aadhunik Ayurveda for its clean work in the skin, health & wellness industry. Products at Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals are prepared the traditional way and hence there is a close association with farmers cultivating herbs and cash crops to produce pure raw material to ensure a quality and effective product.

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best manufacturer of private label, custom formulation skin care beauty and wellness products to cater to and suit almost all your needs under one roof.