Hibiscus Powder Manufacturers & Suppliers/ wholesaler in India

The hibiscus plant, or Hibiscus sabdariffla, can be best known for its vibrant, beautiful blossoms, which naturally transport the imagination to a warm, tropical paradise. These ambitious, delicate flowers have commonly been enjoyed for their decorative beauty and used in sacred devotional ceremonies, but their beneficent offerings don’t cease there. The hibiscus flower also carries a soothing, purifying, and healing energy that makes it a precious and powerful herbal.

Hibiscus powder comes from the sepals of the hibiscus sabdariffa plant. Because of its deep burgundy coloration, people often assume it comes from the petals of the flower.

However, the fine powder actually comes from the fleshy, trumpet-shaped fruits that grow once the flowers have bloomed. The resulting product is a deliciously fruity and tart powder.

Ayurveda believes to cure the ailments using natural substances; free from side-effects and affordable. Hibiscus flowers are rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, thiamine and niacin etc. It also has vitamin C and carotene in small quantities.

Best hibiscus powder in India

Aadhunik ayurveda is one of the best private labelling companies providing the best natural edible hibiscus powder in India.

The Aadhunik ayurveda hibiscus powder is full of goodness of organic and natural ingredients. There is no chemical added on this powder and it is 100% pure and hand-crafted.

It is naturally enriched with the benefits of hibiscus extracts. It is suitable for multiple uses in food, skin care, medicine/supplements and much more.

Benefits of hibiscus powder

Hibiscus gives a long list of physical benefits for many different systems and tissues in the body.

  • Promotes healthy skin and clear complexion
  • Removes excess heat from the body.
  • Promotes the healthy functions of the coronary heart.
  • Supports healthy circulation.
  • Promotes wholesome hair growth.
  • Supports the female reproductive part.
  • Helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol already in every range.
  • Supports the right feature of the kidney.

Benefits of hibiscus powder for hair and skin:-

1. Stimulates hair growth- amino acids determined in hibiscus flowers help to nourish hair and promote hair growth. These amino acids produce a unique type of structural protein known as keratin. Keratin promotes the overall thickness of the hair strands and makes the hair more manageable.

2. Delays premature grey hair- hibiscus is full of antioxidants and nutrients essential for the manufacturing of melanin, which gives the hair a natural colour. Both ancient ayurveda and technology talk of hibiscus as a natural hair dye to mask grey hair.

3. Hibiscus powder for Anti-aging- it’s far wealthier in antioxidants which assist in treating the damage caused by dust, pollutants, UV rays, and diseases etc. on your skin.

4. Used as a natural cleanser- hibiscus contains natural surfactants referred to as saponins that could cleanse your skin in a natural way. The natural saponins and organic acids in hibiscus not only promote cleansing but additionally shed dead skin cells.

5. Purify your complexion- hibiscus contains gentle acids which have slight exfoliating results on the skin. Not only does it help with age spots, these hibiscus blessings can inspire an all-round fresher, younger, smoother-looking complexion.


Manufacturing of hibiscus powder at Aadhunik Ayurveda

Aadhunik ayurveda is the best private label and fastest growing clean & sustainable company in India. It is certified organic private labelling manufacturing for skin care, health care and wellness products. The herbal hibiscus powders are made using the traditional techniques to turn whole herbs into a fine or coarse powder, as desired appropriate for a couple of functions in food, skin, medicine and much more.

They provide raw material and personal label and custom formulation services. Aadhunik Ayurveda is strongly connected with farmers across India to source actual and first-class herbs.

Why Aadhunik Ayurveda?

Aadhunik ayurveda is the best private label skincare, health & wellness products that assist in beating the immoderate competition of the market with its 100% clean formulation adhering to all regulations. Also, our production unit processes all the natural materials (in-house) to get the desired products for all skin, hair, health and wellness types in India. With the commitment of honesty and trust, our company is successful in forming products under the guidelines of ISO, FDA, GMP, and FSSAI. You will get the viable products at favoured quantities. Thus, it is able to make it less difficult in order to get control over the market easily.


Moreover, we know the latest market trends and customer’s desires. Additionally, it is helping us to establish our specific identification in the Indian & global online & offline marketplace. Also, through investing in our product ranges, you’ll easily be able to focus on the other marketing strategies as well. It assists you to grow your business across the global market. So, be a part of Aadhunik Ayurveda now for its 100% safe USDA organic product.