Manufacturer of Health & Wellness Beverages in India

Aadhunik Ayurveda is one amongst the many, the only manufacturer of health & wellness beverages in India. In India, awareness about health and fitness among the people has increased to a significant extent. People due to their busy lifestyle are unable to take care of their health and therefore, they are trying to get different health products in order to complete their nutritional deficiency. In this scenario, health and wellness beverages have made a good place in the market especially among the Indian youth. Most of the people are considering these drinks as a substitute to boost their immunity and health.

Natural and organic beverages grant more health-conscious dietary choices free of unwanted components like pesticides, genetically modified organisms, excess sugar and artificial dyes. It comes as no surprise that these drinks are gaining popularity because consumers are more concerned about their health.

What Are Health & Wellness Beverages

Health and wellness products are primary beverages that are specially formulated to offer health and functional benefits to consumers. The category in health & wellness beverages products are different from those in conventional food & beverage products as they comprise a number of other categories such as functional foods, nutraceuticals, and special dietary beverages. It is expected that the global health and wellness food & beverages market will grow at a steady rate during the forecast period owing to factors such as increasing health awareness, including growing concern about the quality of ingredients used in food & beverages among peoples.


The State of the Natural Health & Wellness Beverages Market

The health and wellness beverages market has witnessed significant growth owing to factors such as growing health consciousness among the consumers. The rapidly shifting demands and preferences of consumers, as well as shifting patterns of consumer spending, consumer preferences, and demographic trends, have the greatest impact on manufacturers' performance in the wellness nutrition products market.

The “Global Health & Wellness Beverages Market Analysis to 2028” is a specialized and in-depth study of the beverages industry with a special focus on the global market trend evaluation.

What’s Driving Growth in Natural & Organic Beverages

The most significant driver of the natural and organic beverages industry is likely the public’s increased awareness of health and nutrition. More people have started out often drinking natural and organic beverages as part of healthier diets.

While many natural and organic drinks don’t focus on health benefits, those positioned around wellness saw 9% higher growth in 2028 than the rest of the market. The health and wellness market still booms, and many consumers take a holistic approach to their health.

They consider the overall picture of health in a wellness “ecosystem” that includes dimensions like sleep, mindfulness, nutrition and appearance. As more people focus on their general health, wellness-focused products distinctly are growing at over 5% annually.

Notably, people want to get these nutrients in their diets rather than through supplements. This idea of food as medicine is driving brands to include functional ingredients. Beverages are particularly convenience, so many brands like Aadhunik Ayurveda include ingredients like:

  • Herbs
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Seeds and much more

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the one of the top Private Label Manufacturer of Health & Wellness Beverages - herb waters in India. We provide high-quality health & wellness beverages in the form of Hydrosols to various nutritional brands all over the world by using our traditional techniques of steam distillation and high quality ingredients.

Our health & wellness beverages are extracted with the best high-quality ingredients that we source from himalayan range of Uttarakhand and other parts of India through farmers. Not only that, we also provide endless customisations possibilities to our clients which makes them unique among all the health & wellness companies in India.

Why Hydrosols are the best alternative with comparision to other Carbonated drinks?

The word Hydrosol is formed from the combination of two words “hydro” which refers to water, and “sol” which refers to a solution.

Hydrosols are obtained by steam-distillation method. These hydrosols are rich with water-soluble nutrients making them highly therapeutic-healthy & effective. These health and wellness beverages are made from the distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, and other plant materials prepared through traditional technique of deg-bhapka method (ark-kalpana) suitable for consumption, and application.

On the other hand, carbonated drinks contain high amounts of sugars in them. They do no longer benefit the body; rather, they harm it in several ways. This is the reason carbonated drinks are often referred to as empty calories. Side effects of carbonated drinks on the human body include weight gain, cardiovascular conditions, and diabetes.

At Aadhunik, we make every effort to revive this traditional method for making herbal water beverages that are clean and healthy for human health. We have made a wide range of health and wellness beverages hydrosols for close to a decade now. The years of experience in manufacturing & bulk supplying of high quality range of edible hydrosols beverages have given us insights into producing uncompromised quality products.

Private Label Manufacturer of Health & Wellness Beverages

Aadhunik Ayurveda have wide range of health & wellness beverages or hydrosol/herb water which includes-.

  • Private Label Health & Wellness Basil Herb Water Beverages
  • Private Label Health & Wellness Lavender Herb Water Beverages
  • Private Label Health & Wellness Neem Leaf Herb Water Beverages
  • Private Label Health & Wellness Peppermint Herb Water Beverages
  • Private Label Health & Wellness Rose Petals Herb Water Beverages
  • Private Label Health & Wellness Turmeric Herb Water Beverages
  • Private Label Health & Wellness Sweet Lime Herb Water Beverages
  • Private Label Health & Wellness Vetiver Herb Water Beverages
  • Private Label Health & Wellness Rosemary Herb Water Beverages
  • And Much More.

Our steam-distilled hydrosols rich water soluble nutrients are intended to provide tons of blessings to the consumers, and therefore, they’re quite popular. We use our experience accurately to make a distinctive range of health and wellness beverages as a prime manufacturer and supplier in India.

With the best state of art distillery, Aadhunik Ayurveda produces best quality of health & wellness beverages that are-

  • 100% organic certified and natural
  • Best healthy & therapeutic beverages
  • Natural aroma & colour derived from herbs
  • Free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives and pesticides free.

This makes Aadhunik Ayurveda World No.1 Private Label Manufacturer of Health & Wellness Beverages in India and around the globe.

Why to Choose Only Aadhunik Ayurveda For Health & Wellness Beverages?

Aadhunik Ayurved is the top successful brand in all over India. We don't use any harmful and unhealthy components like added sugars, caffeine, animal-based products, alcohol or GMO ingredients. 100% natural and quality products.


1. Who is the best producer/manufacturer of hydrosols in the world?

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best known manufacturer of hydrosols or say steam distilled herb water which can be used for nutrition, aroma and flavour in food and wellness products. The technique of making 100% chemical and preservative free fruits, leaves, bark, stemsetc. Herb water makes Aadhunik the best preferred manufacturer in today’s time for quality.

2. Can you create a blend as per body constitution like pitta, kapha, vata or combination with various herb waters as a health drink to balance the body?

Yes, certainly we can create the desired blend with a set of herb water blends suitable for various body compositions. For more details drop us an email or contact on the phone number mentioned on the website.