Best Ajwain Hydrosol and Essential Oils manufacturer in India

Ajwain is a famous spice that is used for cooking purposes in India. The medicinal properties of Ajwain seeds are used for curing digestive troubles, toothache, and many other functions. These Ajwain seeds are steam distilled to produce Ajwain essential oil and ajwain herb water/hydrosol that can be used to treat some skin issues and disorders.

Ajwain essential oil and water is known for its characteristic pungent and spicy odour. It is rich in antioxidants and exhibits expectorant properties due to which it is used to treat several respiratory issues. The cleansing properties of organic Ajwain essential oil and water make it ideal for both skincare and hair care uses.

Aadhunik Ayurveda offers premium grade natural- edible Ajwain essential oil and ajwain water that has been made without any chemicals and preservatives.

Ajwain essential oil is formulated for multi-use and consists of Thymol which is known as a Natural Antiseptic. It can be used for Aromatherapy when diffused in an essential oil, and is also beneficial for clearing the blemishes from your face. Pure Ajwain oil and water proves to be all-rounder when it comes to its uses and benefits. You also can also use it for Soap making and scented candles to refresh your mood.

Ajwain has been used for postpartum recovery for ages and ajwain water is quite a famous remedy to overcome indigestion concerns.

Benefits of Ajwain Water and Essential Oil

  • Ajwain essential oil/water can treat flatulence as it can be used to kill the intestinal parasites and increase metabolism. It prevents the growth of bacteria and harmful parasites in the digestive system.
  • Ajwain water helps to reduce weight by controlling the cholesterol level inside the body. It also helps dissolve the body fat and detoxifies the body by removing toxins.
  • This oil is very-effective in treating nasal conjunction.While inhaled it cleans the mucous membrane and the respiratory tracts.
  • Ajwain essential oil additionally acts as a painkiller. It is used commonly to treat pains like an earache, joint and muscle pain.
  • Ajwain water is great for people with diabetes. It allows in retaining weight which is important in diabetes. Its high fibre content facilitates stabilisation of blood sugar thus helping diabetic people.
  • The antifungal property of the Ajwain essential oil helps in frightening fungal infections due to mods, fungi, and yeast. The oil is also useful in preventing diverse bacterial infections and boosts the immune response of the body.

Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Exporter of Ajwain Water & Essential Oil

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the leading wholesale manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Ajwain water and essential oil to many different parts of the world. The essential ajwain oil and water is extracted from the Ajwain seeds in its purest form by using the traditional technique of steam distillation. We offer the purest form of Ajwain water and essential oil to our customers. No preservatives or chemicals are added to them.

We employ numerous tests and quality checks to ensure that only Premium-quality and Ajwain water-ark and essential oil reaches you. The highest packaging and quality standards are employed to deliver desirable results on utilisation.

Therefore, they show to be best for daily use. We also set up validated methods for activities like packaging, processing, and delivery. Our wide range of pure essential oils including lavender oil, lemongrass oil and many others are available at reasonable rates. We are the main supplier of natural and edible essential oils in the world. You can order Ajwain water and essential oil as a raw material which you can add to your products to make them more potent and effective. Also the two products ajwain essential oil and ajwain water can be sold individually as single ingredient products.

We also export our high-quality Ajwain essential oils and water to 13 different countries around the globe. Our products follow the highest requirements when it comes to quality and purity. We guarantee you that you may not regret choosing us!. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to buy chemical- free, fresh, and multi-purpose Ajwain oil/water from Adhunik Ayurveda.


Private Label Ajwain/ Carom food, Skincare & Wellness Products

Aadhunik Ayurveda offers organic Private label Ajwain based skincare & wellness products that are effective and safe for your skin, hair & wellness. They are also versatile i.e. they can work for various issues.

We are offering a wide variety of Ajwain private label skincare & wellness products that will rejuvenate your skin, boost energy, lowerstress, and provide overall wellness products.

  • Private Label Organic, pure & edible Ajwain Essential Oil and Hydrosol.
  • Private Label Ayurvedic Hair Shampoo with Ajwain for long and thick hair.
  • Private Label Ayurvedic Ajwain Herb Tea for Healthy Digestion and Immunity
  • Postpartum recovery massage oil
  • Digestive drops
  • Winter Pain relief oil
  • Breathe better balm and much more

Best Globally Known Manufacturer

Aadhunik Ayurveda well-certified organic skincare, body & hair care, massage oil, essential oil, hydrosol & health and wellness products manufacturing company in India. We are USDA, ISO, and GMP certified. We have the best (in-house) 100% organic and chemical free manufacturing line. This is viable truly due to the fact that for everything the company is completely incorporated forward to backward retaining close connection and watch on raw material sourced from farmers to right minimal processing to retain nutritional compounds to the apt composition of the products making it effective, healthy and potent.

With us, get the best quality private label, custom formulation and raw material for your start-up, established brands at less economical prices.