Nettle Hydrosol and Fine Powder Manufacturer and Bulk Supplier in India

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the top producer of Nettle Hydrosol/Ark & nettle tea cut & powder in India. Our Nettle Hydrosol is steam distilled using freshly harvested Stinging Wild Nettles Leaves in the foothills of Uttarakhand. Nettle has a natural, slightly bitter, yet minty scent. It is used as a facial and hair spray, for all skin sorts. It has high anti-inflammatory activity and is useful in many skin problems for acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Due to its characteristic odor, combine it with any other hydrosol to make it smell better and utilize its exceptional nutritional offering. It also contains vitamins A, B, C, and K and minerals like ferric oxide, potassium, and calcium. Intake of nettle is good for joints, bones, kidneys, skin, and the immune system.

  • Nettle Face Toner
  • Nettle Hair Tonic
  • Nettle Tea-drops
  • Nettle wellness drink and much more

You can buy the best quality Nettle Leaf Hydrosol and other Hydrosol in different packages as per your need at the best prices from Aadhunik Ayurveda.

Manufacturer of Nettle Leaf Powder

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the leading supplier and manufacturer of Nettle Leaf Powder, and nettle tea cut in India and other countries. Nettle has foraged for centuries for its nourishing residences as a springtime food. Nettle powder may also be infused as a nutritive nettle tea, blended into herbal vinegar, or macerated as a nettle leaf extract. Nettle has been used worldwide from ancient times in a variety of countries and cultures. It has been eaten as a wild food plant, applied topically to the skin, and drunk as a natural herbal tea.

You can purchase high-quality Nettle Leaf tea-cut & Powder as per your requirement at the best price from Aadhunik Ayurveda. Since there are no middlemen concerned at all.

Benefits Of Nettle Leaf Powder and Hydrosol/Ark

  • Nettle powder helps to eliminate stones from the kidney and gallbladder
  • Nettle leaves hydrosol are rich in silica and sulfur which helps in making hair shinier and healthier.
  • It may be used as a skin toner for acne-prone skin as it is known to cure acne.
  • It helps in relieves fatigue, and anemia and stimulates blood circulation
  • It aids in detoxifying the body and soothing ulcers and hemorrhoids.

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Bulk Supplier of Nettle Leaf Powder and Hydrosol

Aadhunik is the top Nettle Leaf Hydrosol and Herbal Powder Manufacturer, and Bulk Supplier in India. It’s miles the only manufacturer that makes use of our conventional easy approach- steam distillation yet expensive to make Hydrosol that you may consider for multiple uses.

We prepare this hydrosol and herbal powder under hygienic conditions to keep its fragrance, volatility, and quality intact. This chemical-free technique of steam-distillation to make hydrosol makes Aadhunik the only manufacturer and supplier of edible and potent Nettle Leaf Hydrosol and other hydrosols like Basil, Lavender, lemongrass, Rose, and so forth.

Aadhunik Ayurveda exports high-quality hydrosols and herbal tea cut & powder all over the world. Our products follow global standards with regard to satisfaction and purity. We supply our products all over the world using our logistic partners. We deliver quality products on time and this makes us Aadhunik the best certified ayurvedic brand in India.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy chemical-free, and fresh Nettle Leaf Herbal Powder and Hydrosol from Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals.


Private Label Nettle Herb Products for Hair and Health

  • Private Label Edible Nettle Hydrosol and Herbal Powder
  • Private Label Nettle Herbal Tea
  • Private Label Nettle Face Mist/Toner
  • Private Label Nettle Facial Oil
  • Private Label Ayurvedic Nettle Hair Oil
  • Private Label Nettle Body Soap
  • Private Label Nettle Tea-drops
  • Private label Nettle Hair Tonic
  • Private Label Nettle Diffuser Drink and much more

Our working transparency and timely delivery with time-to-time compliances and certifications make us a preferred choice amongst many brands and global certifications like ISO, FSSAI, USDA, etc have helped us stick to quality procurement and processing and successfully supply the produce to food, skincare, health, and wellness industry.


Is Nettle Leaf Powder Edible?

Aadhunik Ayurveda Nettle Leaf Powder and other herbal powders are edible. They make use of traditional techniques to produce products 100% free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Can I Purchase this Hydrosol in Bulk?

Yes, you can purchase Nettle Leaf Hydrosol in Bulk from Aadhunik Ayurveda as per your requirements.