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Aadhunik Ayurveda is known as a prominent manufacturer, exporter and bulk supplier of coffee hydrosol in India. We provide a wide variety of steam-distilled aromatic water/hydrosol to meet your distinct demands. We are proud to be one of the top best manufacturers that are employed with fusion of traditional and modern day practices that makes us capable of understanding distinct yet clean customer demand & meeting them with our regular supply.

Coffee bean hydrosol is extracted from the roasted seeds of Coffee arabica or commonly known as Arabian coffee widely cultivated in the Wayanad region located in the south india state of Kerala. It is produced using the steam distillation method, this process ensures that no nutrients and properties are lost in this minimal processing. It has an abundance of nutrients like vitamin E, phytosterols, antioxidants, much more. It is also rich in nourishing and moisturizing qualities that is why it is a popular choice in making skin care products. It can be used in making skincare and wellness products like-

  • Used as facial toner
  • Used in making cream and lotions
  • Used as air fresheners
  • Used in aromatherapy
  • Used as a diffuser and much more.

Coffee hydrosol is a product that is completely free from chemicals and preservatives. This hydrosol water is known to be balanced extraction which has the beautiful, energizing and magical aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The plant parts - roasted coffee beans used inside the steam distillation method imparts the hydrosol with water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties of the coffee.

Aadhunik Organic Coffee hydrosol can be used in various purposes for making cream, lotions, green tea, wellness drinks, aromatherapy etc. They provide mild tonic and skin cleansing properties and are generally safer for all skin types. Our coffee bean hydrosol is pure, natural and unrefined, 100% free from chemicals and preservatives.

Making of Coffee Hydrosol at Aadhunik Ayurveda

Aadhunik makes use of steam-distillation technique to produce 100% organic coffee hydrosol water. This technique is healthy and clean and eco-friendly and the product is the most potent, effective and healthy for human welfare.

Our steam-distilled technique produces edible coffee hydrosol. And no one makes the natural, 100% edible coffee hydrosol with the utmost care & purity as we do.

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Aadhunik Ayurveda is one of the best leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of steam-distilled hydrosols. Our steam-distilled coffee hydrosol is pure and free of any chemicals, additives or fillers. They do not contain synthetic fragrances or preservatives.

The new coffee hydrosol rich with nutrients useful for the human body is making its way to various food and beverages in other words healthy wellness beverages and therefore the export is on the rise to countries like the USA, UAE, Canada, Singapore, Saudi Arabia etc. We supply our products worldwide using our best logistics partner.

Our Speciality:

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We provide our pure and edible coffee hydrosol and other types of herbal water/hydrosol like, lavender, peppermint, basil, sweet lime, eucalyptus, rose etc in bulk as well as in small size glass bottles as private labeled product of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml so that you buy it as per your need. We have close to a decade of experience in manufacturing herbal water/hydrosol and expert it nationally and internationally. For more details get in touch with us at

Physico-chemical and Phytochemical Study & Microbial Analysis of Coffee Hydrosol

Abstract: Coffee consumption has been growing globally because of its pleasant aroma and health benefits. The present study investigated the presence of phytochemicals in conjunction with its antioxidant activity. The phytochemical screening of coffee hydrosol showed the results of flavonoids, and terpenoids compounds in coffee hydrodol.


Human beings have been using bioactive compounds produced by plants as remedies to enhance their health and cure illness. Coffee is a popular beverage that is widely consumed around the globe due to its physiological consequences in addition to its pleasant taste and aroma. Coffee arabica is an important class of coffee belonging to the family rubiaceae. Caffeine is the most important constituent of coffee that is widely used as a stimulant. Various studies have discovered a number of beneficial health properties of coffee diuretic, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities.

Phytochemicals are natural bioactive compounds found in plants which have a defense role. The plants produce those chemical substances to protect themselves, but recent studies exhibit their importance in human health. Antioxidants act as radical scavengers and reduce oxidative damage to macromolecules for that reason protecting the human body from various diseases. Coffee is likewise a rich supply of the alkaloids, especially caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system and has a function in diuretic and peripheral vasoconstriction. Caffeine additionally contributes to the brew bitterness. Therefore, the present study focuses on the assessment of phytochemicals, and antioxidant properties of hydrosol/aromatic water of Coffea arabica.


The aim of the present study is to evaluate the aromatic waters/ hydrosol of Coffee beans obtained through steam distillation process. In this study we were to determine the phyto-chemical and physico-chemial composition of coffee hydrosol.

The following tables provide a list of the most common physicochemical, phytochemical, and bacteriological evaluations of Coffee Beans Hydrosol.

Product Name Coffee beans Hydrosol/Aromatic Water
Botanical Name Coffee arabica
Manufacturing Process Steam distillation only
Part Used Beans
Produce 100% chemical & preservative free
Usage Skin, Health & Wellness, & Aromatherapy
Cultivation Indian state of Kerala


This study aims to investigate the physicochemical, phytochemical, and bacteriological activity tests of the Coffee hydrosol.

1.1 Physico-chemical Analysis of Coffee Hydrosol

Different physico-chemical activities of Coffee hydrosol have been analyzed which have been essential for manufacturing of price delivered products.

Result of physicochemical attributes of analysis in a sample of Coffee Hydrosol
Properties Specifications Results
Physical Appearance Transparent liquid, like water Conforms
Colour Light Brown colour clear liquid Conforms
Odour Strong, rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee Conforms
Solubility Soluble in water & alcohol, insoluble in fat/fixed oils Conforms
pH(25°) 3-7 3.8
Acid Value 0.04% Conforms
Refractive Index 1. 470 to 1.495@20° 1.479
Specific Gravity 9g/ml) 0.930 to 0.965@25° 0.939

1.2 Total Presents of Components

Components Range % %
Caffeine <0.5 0.36

1.3 Heavy Metals Test Result

Heavy Metal Test Specification (%) Result(%)
Arsenic (As) NA Not detected
Lead (pb) NA Not detected
Mercury (Hg) NA Not detected
Cadmium (Cd) NA Not detected

1.4 Result of Phytochemical Analysis of Coffee Hydrosol

The following result analysis were obtained after performing the phytochemical test:

The plant phytochemical is selectively and successively extracted in this method. The examination of the presence of the primary group of natural constituents present in the plant concentrate of Coffee hydrosol was done using different specific reagents. Standard methods were used to conduct chemical tests to locate pharmacologically relevant bioactive compounds. The quality of such phytochemicals was qualitatively determined.

S.No. Phytochemical Tests coffee Hydrosol Specification Results
1. Flavonoid Highly presence (+ve)
2 Carbohydrate Not presence (-ve)
3 Steroid Not presence (-ve)
4 Phenolic Not presence (-ve)
5 Terpenoid Highly presence (+ve)

1.5 Result of Microbial Analysis of Coffee lHydrosoll

Microbial Specification Results
Aerobic Mesophilic Bacterial Count <1000 CFU/g Conforms
Yeast and Mould <100 CFU/g Conforms


  1. Appearance- Coffee bean hydrosol/water is in a liquid form similar to water. That is because it is mixed with water.
  2. Colour- The Coffee hydrosol is a clean, light brown colour liquid.
  3. Odour- The odour/aroma of Coffee hydrosol is obtained from the beans of a Coffee plant. The aroma of Coffee hydrosol/water has a strong rich aroma of brewed coffee. However the aroma changes throughout the growing season with change in its volatile compounds due to factors like - temperature, precipitation, moistness, soil health and so on.
  4. Solubility- The Coffee hydrosol mixes in alcohol and water, but it cannot mix/dissolve in fats or fixed oils.
  5. pH- A pH of 7 is neutral, above 7 the pH is alkaline and below 7 the pH is acidic.
  6. Acidity/Acidic- Coffee hydrosol/water is acidic in pH.
  7. Specific Gravity- is used to describe a liquid's weight in comparison to its thickness at a particular temperature. If the specific gravity for a Coffee hydrosol is less than 1, the substance will flow into the reference materials, while if it is greater than 1, the substance will sink into the reference materials.
  8. Heavy Metals- This test is done to see if there are unusual amounts of metals that are toxic or could be harmful. The brown-coloured metal sulfide produced by the reaction of metallic impurities with hydrogen or sodium sulfide in an acidic medium is the basis for the Heavy Metal Limit test.
  9. Microbial Test- is significant and is expected by various industries from over the world, where human wellbeing is in danger of being adversely affected by illness causing bacterial and infection, and microbial toxins.

Observations of Phytochemical Tests for Coffee hydrosol

1. Flavonoid

Formation and disappearance of yellow colour shows the presence of flavonoid.

2. Carbohydrates

No formation of violet colour ring , which shows the presence of carbohydrates.

3. Steroids

No formation of red colour in the lower layer, which shows the presence of steroids.

4. Phenol

No formation of bluish, black colour, which shows the presence of phenol.

5. Terpenoid

Formation of red colour shows the presence of terpenoid.



The presence of a high amount of terpenoid and flavanoids in coffee hydrosol revealed that it can be used as a potent source of natural antioxidants. Since the present study involves crude plant extract to study the partial presence of active compounds in the total extract of coffee hydrosol, further investigations are still needed for the presence of bioactive molecules. While the coffee hydrosol is suitable for use in food, health and wellness products formulated under the guidance of a registered practitioner.


1. Does coffee hydrosol water have preservatives?

No, Aadhunik Ayurveda Coffee hydrosol is 100% natural and does not contain any kind of preservatives and chemicals.

2. Is coffee water/hydrosol natural?

Yea, Aadhunik steam distilled coffee hydrosol is 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly and ethical.

3. Is coffee hydrosol edible?

Yes, Aadhunik Ayurveda produced coffee hydrosol is edible.