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Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals is the manufacturer & supplier, wholesaler, retailer and private labeler of edible turmeric essential oil and edible turmeric hydrosol using the best quality fresh turmeric cultivated in the Jaunsar & Bawar hills of himalayas.

Turmeric is a herb known for its benefits as a spice and medicine in the form of powder, essential oil and ark (hydrosol) with extensive use in our traditional system of healing that is ayurveda. And to revive the culture to bring back purity using clean techniques, turmeric oil manufacturing process is simple with just no use of chemicals/solvents etc. This makes Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals top edible turmeric oil and hydrosol manufacturing companies in India.

The steam distilled produced essential oil and hydrosol can be used for multiple purposes - eat, inhale & apply meaning they are beneficial to use in skin care, aromatherapy, food & beverages, supplement & medicine.

Turmeric essential oil and hydrosol available in the market are often not steam distilled and therefore are sold at inexpensive rates, even less than the cost of raw material simply because these are synthetically prepared to look and smell like turmeric essential oil but do not possess any therapeutic properties at all.

We at Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals make turmeric essential oil and turmeric water that is ark or known as hydrosol in chemistry through the time-tested traditional technique of steam distillation. Refer images below to see the making process of turmeric essential oil & hydrosol.

You can find turmeric essential oil and hydrosol in various pack sizes to suit your wholesale & retail needs. Prices of turmeric hydrosol and essential change as per the rate of turmeric in the mandi.

turmeric essential oil manufacturer in india
Making of Turmeric Powder, Essential Oil & Hydrosol at
Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals
" Eat | Inhale| Apply "
GMP Certified & FSSAI Approved
turmeric essential oil and hydrosol manufacturer in india
Best Ancient Technique of Making
Turmeric Powder, Essential Oil & Hydrosol
There are many techniques to make essential oil to increase yield per kg to make
them cheap and cost effective. Steam distillation is an ancient technique and is
therefore free from 21st century chemicals and preservatives.
Hence the essential oil and hydrosol are nutrient rich, therapeutic and edible.
turmeric essential oil and hydrosol manufacturer in india
Turmeric Essential oil & Hydrosol
Steamed and sun dried turmeric roots are steam distilled where steam passes through the roots and rises up and comes in contact with the condenser where the steam is turned into droplets of water & oil and collected in a vessel.  Oil being lighter than water is found above the water. The oil is separated from the water.

Yield - Wet turmeric usually have very low yield of essential oil. Dry turmeric gives us about 4 ml of essential oil and 340 ml hydrosol in 1 kg of turmeric through the ancient technique of steam distillation.
Turmeric Powder
Thin sliced turmeric roots are steamed, sun dried and powdered to make the turmeric root powder. Always use turmeric with any fat like cow ghee/vegetable oil or black pepper powder to increase its bio consumption in the body
turmeric essential oil and hydrosol manufacturer in india
A good quality nutrient rich turmeric powder
when used the Right way can help treat and prevent
many disorders in human body.
Best used in culinary, medicinal & skin care.
turmeric essential oil and hydrosol manufacturer, supplier in india
Curcumin has long established safety record. No major adverse effects.
Super Effective in Curing
High Cholesterol, Inflammation, Intestinal Diseases,
Metabolic Syndrome, Arthritis and much more.

" 100 % Chemical Free & Preservative Free "
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How do you make turmeric essential oil?

We make turmeric essential oil using the best clean and healthy technique of steam distillation. The technique is 100% environment friendly and the product is the best- potent, effective and healthy for human use.

Is turmeric essential oil good for hyperpigmentation?

Yes, turmeric essential oil works to lighten the pigmentation and marks thereby improving the skin clarity and complexion. It is very much in demand in the skin care industry as regular use natural skin care products like face oils, face creams, exfoliants & polishers etc.

Who are the best turmeric oil manufacturers in the world?

Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals is the best turmeric oil manufacturer located in the lesser Himalayas that produces best quality edible turmeric steam distilled essential oil. The company is one of the biggest chemical free and even preservative free turmeric products manufacturer and exporter supplying its products like essential oils, hydrosols, powder and turmeric infused cold pressed oils to various skin care, health and wellness brands across the world.

What is turmeric extract oil?

Turmeric extract oil often available in the market is a product made using chemicals as solvent and other cost effective techniques that compromise with the quality simply because pure and clean techniques are expensive. Turmeric extract oil making at Aadhunik Ayurveda is a simple green technique that makes use of steam to produce the essential oil that are also known as natural turmeric oil soluble extract and hydrosol known as natural water soluble turmeric extract.

How to get in touch with genuinely the best quality turmeric oil manufacturers in india?

It's easy to find the best turmeric oil manufacturer amongst the manufacturers by making a visit, understanding the making process, seeing everything with your own eyes and thereafter believing because often traders call them manufacturers and mislead the buyers. Another important point to remember is that turmeric is an edible herb and its products like turmeric oil, turmeric hydrosol and turmeric powder too should be edible and not just meant for external use only.

Are there specifically any curcumin manufacturers in india?

Curmcumin is a compound found in turmeric and turmeric powder, turmeric oil. It is an oil soluble compound meaning it easily dissolves with fat and our bodies can absorb its benefits when consumed with fat. Separating curcumin from turmeric oil can be a multiple stage processing methodology however when turmeric powder is consumed with fat, curcumin content too is consumed. A good quality turmeric powder and turmeric oil will contain a significant amount of curcumin in it.

What is the price of turmeric oil in india?

Turmeric oil price is directly connected to the turmeric herb prices, the mandi prices. We at Aadhunik ayurveda make turmeric oil using turmeric fresh and the price of the oil is calculated based on the price of the herb and yield. Hence the price keeps changing as per the price of the raw turmeric.

What is the best to use in skin care products - edible turmeric oil or cosmetic grade turmeric oil?

We at Aadhunik ayurveda, the clean and quality manufacture of skin care, health and wellness products believe we should use clean and best quality ingredients even in our topical use products because our skin too is a living organ and it has the right to receive the product, no chemical on it.

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