Manufacturer of Apricot Oil (Chullu Oil/Gutti Oil)

Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals is the best manufacturer, supplier & exporter of cold pressed apricot kernel carrier oil in India. The raw material for the apricot kernel cold pressed oil(chullu oil) is sourced from farmers cultivating apricot fruit in himalayan range.

The making of apricot oil at Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals is a traditional technique where the outer shell of the apricot seed is broken to take the apricot seed out. It looks like tiny almonds and is bitter in taste and smell. Every one kg of apricot hard shell seeds produce about 250 grams of its seeds.

These tiny almonds look like seeds are used in cold pressing to prepare the best quality apricot cold pressed oil.

Making of apricot kernel oil is highly labour intensive. Though time consuming and labour intensive but cold pressing the apricot seeds produce the best quality edible apricot kernel oil.

This oil is highly nutritions containing multiple vitals nutrients beneficial for skin, hair and body.

At Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals, you can get the best quality cold pressed edible apricot oil in bulk at wholesale prices.

You can choose the packaging as per your convenience as 1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter and 20 liter pack sizes are available.

100% Chemical Free & Preservative Free Produce
Apricot is a tree usually grown in deep – well drained soil in Himalayan range. It is very sensitive as late frost if happens can damage the bloom, hence the fruit.
The tree produces edible fruit in the month of June – July.
Some trees give fruit every alternate year or every third year.
We keep a close association with the farmer.
The fruit is plucked by the farmer. There after the pulp and seed are separated.
Collected seeds are bought to our cold pressing unit located in Himalayan foothills.
From plucking, seed- pulp separation, de-hulling & finally preparing the cold pressed oil from quality produce with hygiene is highly labour intensive.
The outer shell of the seed is broken to take the seed out. Every 1 kg of Apricot hard shelled seed gives about 250 grams kernels.
Oil is made from kernel using traditional cold pressing technique.
The best technique to produce nutrient and flavour rich Edible oil.


Apricot products like apricot meal/cake and its fine powder is also available with us.


Is apricot oil cold pressed?

Apricot oil is a carrier oil but if it is cold pressed, need a thorough check? Oils are prepared using various cost effective techniques these days to produce inexpensive oil. Hence always check to ensure you buy a best quality cold pressed oil of apricot kernel only.

Is there a difference between apricot kernel oil and apricot oil?

No, both apricot kernel oil and apricot oil is the same.

Is apricot kernel oil good for skin?

Yes, apricot kernel oil is a good source of multivitamins and other nutrients beneficial for skin moisturizing, restoring elasticity and above all act as a food for skin.

What can apricot kernel oil be used for?

Apricot kernel oil can be used as a flavor to food and beverages ( salads & desserts), skin care, hair care, massage oil for relieving stiffness & pain in the joints & muscles etc.

Which is better: apricot oil or almond oil?

Both oils contain a unique set of nutrients that make them useful for the human body. Apricot oil has its own benefits while almonds too contain valuable benefits.

Is apricot oil good for mature skin?

Yes, apricot oil is a super healthy face and body moisturizer for mature skin as it has the ability to restore elasticity and minimize age related spots and scars.

How is apricot kernel oil extracted?

Apricot kernel oil is extracted through different techniques these days however the best method of extraction of a nut or a seed oil like apricot oil is cold pressing. This technique does not need any external heat or a solvent/ chemical to produce the oil. Hence, it produces the best quality oil that retains the original taste, aroma and of course the nutrients.