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Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals
Cold Pressed Oil
  • Nuts and seeds oil.
  • Purely cold pressed.
  • Retains flavour, aroma and nutrition.
  • Edible & zero adulteration.
  • 100% free from synthetics and preservatives.
  • Best used in food and skin care.
  • More than 25 cold pressed oils are available.

Steam Distilled
Essential Oil
  • Made from herbs and spices.
  • 100% steam distilled.
  • Natural derived aroma and colour.
  • Edible & highly therapeutic.
  • 100% free from synthetics and preservatives.
  • Best used in food and skin care.
  • More than 20 essential oils are available.

Steam Distilled
  • Aromatic floral and herbal water
    made from herbs.
  • Purely steam distilled hydrosol.
  • Edible and highly therapeutic.
  • Rich with water soluble nutrients.
  • Natural derived aroma and colour.
  • 100% free from synthetics and preservatives.
  • More than 40 hydrosols are available.

Whole and Powdered
Herbs & Spices
  • Edible and highly nutritional.
  • Sourced from farmers or certified sellers.
  • Tea cut, coarse and fine powders available.
  • Negligible moisture - infest free.
  • Zero adulteration - No fillers.
  • 100% free from chemicals and preservatives.
  • More than 20 herbs and spices are available.

Meals & Cake
  • All cold pressed oil cakes available.
  • Fine powdered meals available.
  • Zero adulteration.
  • Best used in skin care and as animal feed.
  • 100% free from chemicals and preservatives.
  • More than 25 cakes/meals available.

Immunity Booster Ark
  • Made with ancient technique of steam distillation.
  • 100% steam distilled medicinal herbs.
  • Highly therapeutic.
  • Used both in curative and preventive care.
  • 100% free from chemicals and preservatives.
  • More than 40 medicinal arks available.

Chemical Free
Skin Care Products
  • Skin care products like goat milk soaps, mist/toners, creams, balms and much more.
  • Hair care products like hair oils, hair masks, hair mist.
  • Shaving and beard care products available.
  • Healing balms available like pain relieving, ease cold cough etc.
  • Customized Skin care can be done.

Treatment Oriented Products
  • Acne treat and prevent skin care range .
  • Eczema – Psoriasis treatment range.
  • Made with oils, butters, herbs and essential oils.
  • Highly effective and free from steroids.
  • 100% chemical free and preservative free.

Private Label Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer of food, skin care and health & wellness products.
  • Building successful chemical free brands with our proven products formulation.
  • Makes only chemical & preservative free products.
  • Designing & labeling assistance.
  • Bottling & packaging assistance.

Organic Certified
  • Registered with Uttrakhand State Organic Certification Agency.
  • On demand certified produce available.
  • Minimum order quantity 20 litre/Kg.
  • Rates are made available basis the quantity.
  • FSSAI & GMP certified.

Our cultivation
  • We cultivate herb in himalayan foothills and parts of central-western India in association with farmers and as pilot project.
  • This helps us understand the feasible cultivation without pesticides, yield and above all quality in the form of carrier oil, essential oil and hydrosol.

Why Aadhunik Ayurveda ?
All manufacturing related licenses and certifications in place.
One stop solution to manufacturing and private labelling the product.
Reliable source of pure authentic raw material. 
For Special Requirement
We can cold press seeds or steam distill herbs of your choice to make carrier oil or Essential oil/Hydrosol basis the availability of seeds/herbs.
We welcome you for a visit to our place
For further queries - call us at 84-888-888-15.


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